Through our unique Conjunto programs, we provide music instruction to a diverse, multi-generational student body and opportunities for our students to showcase their talents, educating and exposing audiences to traditional Conjunto music. The Conjunto Heritage Taller programming includes studio classes in accordion and bajo sexto, performances, open community jams, and free senior programs.

Accordion & Bajo Sexto Lessons

Carry on the South Texas tradition of Conjunto Music! One of our greatest joys at the Taller is to be able to help develop the musical talents of our students. Our master instructors offer professional instruction of the 3-row diatonic accordion and 12-string bajo sexto all at a low cost.

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Music Theory Courses

Learn the foundations of music as it applies to the real world with our 12-week long music theory courses. Some of the concepts explored include reading and writing sheet music, building scales, and the understanding the chordal structures of Conjunto Music. Courses are offered semesterly at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Senior Programs

The Conjunto Heritage Taller recognizes the positive impact of music on our aging community and we foster “creative aging”, by providing free music programming that supports and enriches adults across the aging spectrum!

Conjunto in the Community

CHT seek venues for our students to perform publicly to showcase their skills and expose the community at large to this genre by providing music and education when invited and available to do so.

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